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LPS consists of grinder pumps, basins, piping, valves and controls creating a method to grind and pressure residential and municipal sewage through small diameter pipe following the contour of topography maintaining a depth below frost levels to a WWTP, or Lift Station, or gravity sewage line.  The collection system connects all grinder pump stations to a common force main. These systems are isolated with curb-stops consisting of curb-stops, flushing connections and air release valves.

Featured Products

6932 LPS Replacement

Drop in replacement grinder for Low Pressure Sewer systems.

View Product 6932 LPS Replacement

7008, 7010 Grinder Pumps

1.0 & 2.0 HP, single direction grinder pumps. Uniquely designed for residential or commercial use.

View Product 7008, 7010 Grinder Pumps

7011 Reversing Grinder Pump

2 HP reversible grinder pump

View Product 7011 Reversing Grinder Pump

7013 Grinder Pumps

Single direction grinder pumps.  7013 (High Flow).

View Product 7013 Grinder Pumps

7020, 7021 Grinder Pumps

Progressing cavity grinder pumps

View Product 7020, 7021 Grinder Pumps

LPS Basin Assembly

Rotomolded Basin and Basin Assembly

View Product LPS Basin Assembly