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LPS Basin Assembly

LPS Basin Assembly

Application- Low Pressure Sewers (LPS)

Rotomolded Basin and Basin Assembly

  • These Zoeller rotomolded basins and basin package systems are a cost-efficient alternative for a job-ready package system for LPS.
  • Standard basin size is 30″ x 72″ with the option to add a 12″ or 24″ riser for a depth up to 96″.
  • Zoeller’s flex hose disconnect allows for the removal of the pump without the need to enter the basin. Available discharge depth at 24″, hard pipe with disconnect with discharge at 36″.
  • Zoeller Z-Rail® allows easy install and removal of the pumps without the need to remove the discharge piping or enter in the basin. Discharge depths available at 24″ and 36″.