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Zoeller Engineered Products (ZEP) manufactures customized pumps and systems for stormwater, sewage pump stations, low pressure sewers and hazardous environmental applications for commercial and municipal markets. With pump offerings varying from 0.5 HP to 60 HP, each system is manufactured to the exact needs of each application. Entire systems including pumps, controls, wet wells, and accessories are available from our Louisville based operation. In 2021, ZEP celebrated 30 years of developing, designing, and delivering dependability to our customers.


72 HD Series Grinder Pumps



ZEP  recently released their  NEW 10 & 15 HP Grinders, the 72 HD Series! This 3450 RPM grinder pump is available in 208, 230, 460 or 575 volt, 3 phase. Currently available in a high head model, the shut-off head for the 15 HP is  250’ and the 10 HP shuts off at 215’ of head. Both pumps have a max flow of 150 GPM at a minimum head requirement of 50’. The minimum head is 100’ further down than the competition’s minimum head requirements of 150’.

Using a 3” or 4” ANSI flanged horizontal discharge will allow for easy adaption to competitor grinder or solids-handling rail systems. The legs are removable, reducing the risk of obstructions being in the way of the debris going into the cutter and cutter plate. The industry-proven 440 SS cutter assembly with a Rockwell C hardness of 55-60 uses a scissor-like cutting motion that reduces solids down to 1/8” in size.

The gaskets will come as Buna-N with carbon ceramic upper and lower shaft seal. There is an option to upgrade the gaskets to Viton and to silicon carbide/silicon carbon shaft seals. This model comes standard with Zoeller’s moisture and thermal protection sensors.

For further technical information, please visit the 72 HD product page.


Pivot Panels



Zoeller’s new Pivot panels include many features that cost extra on ‘normal’ control panels. Many of these features are designed, not just to provide more value  but, to solve and prevent common problems in the field.  Pivots are available in both 1 Ph & 3 Ph options.

Main Benefits Include:

  • Smart float logic  that prioritizes running pump even with faulted floats
  • Smart HOA that helps prevent accidental On or Off
  • Touch-safe user interface for easy access to panel features
  • Data jack for Wi-fi gateway to connect to Z Control

For further technical information, please visit the Pivot Panel and Pivot Pro product pages.



Steam Condensate Pump Upgrade Option


Steam ad clipDo you ever run into an application where the liquid is just too hot for a standard pump?  ZEP has the solution! Our High-Temp and Steam Condensate Pump options help overcome these obstacles.

The high-temp pump option has a maximum water temperature of 175 °F for our 61 HD (1-3 HP) and 62 HD (5-10 HP).  For pumps that fall above 5 HP up to 15 HP, you can use our Steam Condensate pump option. These pumps have a water temperature rating of 180 °F continuous and 200 °F intermittent.  You can find more information about the steam condensate pump on sales slick  ZM3249.  Consult factory for pricing on these 2 options.






With over 90% of our products being made in the USA using a majority of US content, Zoeller Engineered Products is proud of their American heritage and US commitment. ZEP has been Zoeller’s Built-To-Order Division for over 30 years. Find out why!







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