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Zoeller Engineered Products’ 64 HD Series Flex Muscle

August 30, 2017

Zoeller Engineered Products has answered the call for a solids handling line of products for municipal waste and storm water applications. They conform to today’s need for higher horsepower pumps. The 4” models will provide a moderate flow when pumping against a high head while the 6” pump is ideal for a high flow requirement where a low head exists. The new 64 HD series pumps provide long service life with minimal downtime. The motor is optimally designed with oil-filled housings and non-overloading windings which enable it to maintain a low operating temperature when facing the harshest of conditions. We are excited to share the 64 HD Series, our newest flagship line in the Zoeller Engineered Products arsenal of Louisville, KY-built products to meet today’s toughest wastewater situations.