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ZEP High-Temp & Steam Condensate Options

October 23, 2020

Do you ever run into an application where the liquid is just too hot for a standard pump?  ZEP has the solution! Our High-Temp and Steam Condensate Pump options help overcome these obstacles.

The high-temp pump option has a maximum water temperature of 175 °F for our 61 HD (1-3 HP) and 62 HD (5-10 HP).  For pumps that fall above 5 HP up to 15 HP, you can use our Steam Condensate pump option. These pumps have a water temperature rating of 180 °F continuous and 200 °F intermittent.  You can find more information about the steam condensate pump on sales slick ZM3249.  Consult factory for pricing on these 2 options.

Zm3249 Sales Slick Steam Condensate