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Case Studies

At Zoeller, we love to receive and share snapshots of where and how our products are being used around the globe. Below are some quick summaries of our latest success stories for Zoeller Pump Company.

Long Island 4 Long Island Low Pressure Sewer System

The Zoeller Engineered Products Replacement Pump Series Model 6932 was the solution to a problem installation in Long Island, New York. The grease in this installation was a major contributor to the pump failure. The inlet to the pressure switch was completely blinded off and not allowing the on/off switches to function.

10/16/2020  |  Read More
Howard County2 6932 Replacement Installed in Howard County

A municipality in the northeast was having issues with grinder pump failures and high repair costs. The ZEP Municipal Representative in the area became aware of their issue and offered them a ZEP 6932 replacement pump to help eliminate their problems.

9/4/2020  |  Read More
Kc Basins Kelly Crossroads Low Pressure Sewer System

The Problem:

Kelly Crossroads is a village in central Pennsylvania near the Borough of Lewisburg. The village had failing septic systems due to system age, soils, and topography. The township needed a solution for these homes that would protect the homeowners and the environment.  

6/25/2019  |  Read More
Scylla Ps Ri 2 Zoeller’s Reversing Grinder Installation at Randall’s Island

Randall’s Island, a popular year-round outdoor destination in New York City, attracts over three million visitors each year. A collection system with numerous small pump stations runs throughout the area for facilities located on the 433-acre site. A few years ago, some submersible pump stations began experiencing frequent clogging problems, requiring emergency service. The park’s service providers were informed of a product that might eliminate their problem.

11/2/2018  |  Read More
Ncf1 Grass Valley, California

When the existing sewage system on the camp grounds failed, a duplex pump system was installed to handle the job.

8/22/2017  |  Read More
Lucas Oil 1 Lucas Oil Stadium

Lucas Oil Stadium is a multi-purpose stadium which is well-known as the home field of the Indianapolis Colts and the host stadium of the Super Bowl XLIV. It has a seating capacity of 62,241 for football games and can exceed 70,000 people in its basketball configuration.

8/22/2017  |  Read More
Honda1 Honda de México S.A. de C.V.

In 2014, Honda de México S.A. de C.V. announced it would begin building a facility measuring 5.66 million square meters in Mexico to manufacture subcompact vehicles for the North American market. As it is projected to produce 200,000 units per year and employ approximately 3,200 people, the company has installed 13 duplex grinder lift stations around the facility to handle all of the discharged wastewater from the plant.

8/22/2017  |  Read More
Brisas Brisas del Lago

Brisas del Lago is a gated community with about 225 residential homes. Since the community is responsible for its own water and waste, all wastewater from the homes is discharged to the community’s wastewater treatment plant...

8/22/2017  |  Read More
Jumex1 Jumex Centroamericana

Jumex is a fruit juice manufacturer based in Mexico. When a processing plant was opened in El Salvador in 2009, it was required to have its own wastewater treatment plant on site. A local Zoeller distributor, is running this system utilizing their own chemical treatment process powered by Zoeller pumps.

8/15/2017  |  Read More