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Zoeller Engineered Product Features

Cool run design
A cooler-running pump is a longer-lasting pump with less downtime and lower service cost.
Available on all 6121 thru 6685 oil-filled, non-clog units.

Concentric pump housing
An equalized pressure loading force inside the pump housing provides a longer service life for bearings and mechanical seals.
Available on all 6121 thru 6685 oil-filled, non-clog units.

Oil-filled motor housing
Part of the cool run design concept.  Provides for quicker heat dissipation and better lubrication for seals and bearings.
Available on all 6161 thru 6405 and 6121 thru 6685 units.

Vortex impellers
Superior non-clog and solids-handling performance with the least amount of potential downtime from clogging.
Available on all units 15 HP and smaller.

6840 Series grinder pumps
The most rugged 2 HP grinder pump available on the market today.  The automatic reversing feature is also available.

6161 thru 6405 models
A flexible and inexpensive pump for commercial duty applications where high heads or lower flows are required.  Plus, no panel is required for single phase units.

71 Series grinder pumps
Choose from either a horizontal flanged or vertical NPT discharge.  Plus, three performance types: high head, high flow or reversing 3 to 7½ HP.

Fast deliveries
Best in the industry.  Learn to love stealing those orders when our one to two week lead times beat theirs by a month.

Special applications
Contact us on those installations that others can't touch such as dry pit submersible, high temperature and abrasive, resistant applications.