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Custom Made Lift Station Packages

Basin and Accessories

Custom Made Lift Station Packages

Customizable, preassembled and tested lift stations based upon your application. Designed, machined, and assembled in Louisville, Kentucky. Shipped to your site.

Features and Benefits

1Extra Large 96" x 144" Duplex Prepackaged Basin Assembly w/ Aluminum Hatch Cover, 4" Rail System and Galvanized Plumbing.
248" x 102" Duplex Basin w/48" x 60" Integral Valve Box Assembly. Contains 2.5" - 3" Rail System w/ 3" PVC Plumbing and Cast Iron Valves. Internal Plumbing.
3 48" x 102" Duplex Basin w/ 48" x 60" Integral Vlave Box, Aluminum Hatch Cover and Lift Lugs. Finished Product View.
4 60" x 240" Duplex Basin Assembly w/4" Rail System, Dual 4" Discharge for Detached Valve Box and 300 PSF Aluminum Hatch Cover. Internal Plumbing.
5 60" x 240" Duplex Basin Assembly w/ Lift Lugs, Dual 4" Aluminum Sleeved Discharge, and Steel AFD. Finished Product View.
6 60" x 60" Detached Duplex Vlave Box w/ Aluminum Sleeved Inlets and Outlets, 4" PVC Plumbing, Cast Iron Valves, Cleanout, Ladder, and 4" to 6" Adaptor. Internal View.
7 60" x 60" Detached Duplex Valve Box w/ 300 PSF Aluminum Hatch Cover, and Lift Lugs. Finished Product View.
8 Finished Product Basin Assemblies w/ Pumps, Control Panels, and Accessories Staged for Shipping
9 60" x 60" Duplex Basin Assembly w/ 2.5" - 3" Rails, 3" Galvanized Plumbing, Cast Iron Valves, Guide Rails, and S.S. Float Hanger. Internal View


 Warehouse View of Basin Inventory