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NEMA 4X Simplex and Duplex Panels

Panel and Accessories

NEMA 4X Simplex and Duplex Panels

For use with commercial duty ejectors, solids-handling and grinder pumps.

Features and Benefits

  • NEMA 4X thermoplastic enclosure
  • UL labeled
  • Input power terminal block
  • Float switch terminal block
  • Ground lug
  • Control side fuses
  • Control on/off switch
  • Lockable hasp
  • HOA switch(es)
  • IEC rated motor contactor(s)
  • Control circuit or transformer
  • Pump circuit breaker(s) or motor overload protection with disconnect (3 Ph, 61 HD Series, 71 Series)
  • External high water alarm light
  • Audible high water alarm horn
  • Dry auxiliary contacts
  • Alarm test and silence switch (externally mounted)
  • Green pump run light(s)
  • Capacitors and start relay (1 Ph 61 HD Series)
  • Alternating circuit board (duplex)
  • Float status indicator lights

Standard Options*:

  • Seal fail relay with indication
  • Thermal cutout circuit(s)
  • Intrinsically-safe relays
  • Elapsed time meter(s)
  • Event counter(s)
  • Flasher for high water alarm light
  • Redundant off
  • Inner door
  • Lightening arrestor
  • Anti-condensation heater
  • Manual alarm reset
  • Pump run & seal leak dry contacts
  • Main non-fused disconnect switch
  • Alternator-1-2 selector switch
  • Hazardous environment series**

*Consult factory for options not listed.

**Control panel must be wired according to NEC and located outside the hazardous area.

Product Specifications

1 Ph panels have starting capacitors and relays mounted in the enclosure. Therefore, these panels can only be used with Zoeller pumps.
3 Ph panels up to 20-25 amps have multi-tap transformers for 200-230-460 volt applications and are selected based on pump features and rated full load amps (FLA).
The listed panels meet our standard configurations. If any standard or non-standard options are required, consult factory.