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Zep 30 Yr 30 Years in Business

2021 marks the 30th anniversary of the Zoeller Engineered Products brand. In October of 1989 Zoeller acquired Kenco Pumps from Virginia bankruptcy court. Once all equipment was moved to Louisville, a small team of young professionals; John Zoeller (Current CEO), Steve Doolittle (recently retired), John Enyard (recently retired) were assigned to take this new venture to fruition while maintaining the core values of the Zoeller brand.

2/15/2021  |  Read More
Zm3249 Sales Slick Steam Condensate ZEP High-Temp & Steam Condensate Options

Do you ever run into an application where the liquid is just too hot for a standard pump?  ZEP has the solution! Our High-Temp and Steam Condensate Pump options help overcome these obstacles. 

10/23/2020  |  Read More
Zep X64 HD 64 HD Gets an Upgrade

The X64 HD series is now available! These heavy-duty sewage pumps rated for hazardous locations are built with a UL-and-CSA-listed, explosion-proof motor for ultimate dependability.

1/24/2018  |  Read More
64 Hd 01 06 Zoeller Engineered Products’ 64 HD Series Flex Muscle

Zoeller Engineered Products has answered the call for a solids handling line of products for municipal waste and storm water applications. They conform to today’s need for higher horsepower pumps. 

8/30/2017  |  Read More